The trainer of ship propulsion complex electron management system

Designated for forming and improvement the skills of exploitation and maintenance of ship variable-pitch propeller propulsion complex control systems.  

The primary purpose of the simulator is carrying trainings of marine engineers in identification and elimination of malfunctions of electron control system with load controller of the "KaMeWa" type.

The sumulator allows to examine the load controller items and control system as a whole interwined with propulsive complex items functioning basic prinsiples.

Besides hydraulic installations the work of control electric line and electron load controller items is simulated. The electronic block control points could be connected to the measuring instrument and control signal values could be measured.

In the training condition the trainer allows to examine the control system basic nodes. There is a possibility to examine the interaction of elements in the real-time and delayed modes.

The study of load controller blocks electrical schematic diagrams is performed from special panels with active elements, than could be affected by mouse using.

Every block control point could be connected to the measuring instrument. The results of block adjustment are displayed on active diagrams.

For better clarity, the photographic images animation technology was used. Hydraulic installation elements in the itemized view by clicking on them. There is a possibility of hydraulic automatic actuator valves precise adjustment.